HVAC Wireless Controller

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 HVAC Wireless Controller

The HVAC wireless control system is a safe reliable means of controlling a centralized heating & air-conditioning system. It eliminates the need for control wire between the Heat Pump/Straight Cooling outdoor unit and the Gas Furnace/Blower unit (often installed in the Attic in residential applications). A high point of failure in A/C unit replacements is the interconnection wire itself. While the old wired approach is difficult, expensive, and labor intensive--with wire intricately snaked between the attic unit and the outdoor units, the HVAC wireless represents the best alternative. The HVAC wireless system consists of an indoor and an outdoor module pair which connects into the system where the 24V thermostat wire would normally be connected.

  • Derives power directly from 24VAC HVAC Transformer
  • Supports 9-40VAC or 9-40VDC Power
  • Transmit Range up to 300m
  • Real Time Clock for event timestamping
  • 128Mb Memory can store years of event data
  • Unique Indoor/Outdoor Unit Pairing
  • Encrypted private messaging between units
  • Failsafe Operational Protection
  • Includes Mounting Stand-off hardware for #8 self-tap screw
  • Modules is sealed in special poly coating for environmental protection
  • Includes push-wire and screw type connectors
  • Control line Status monitoring
  • Output Relay/Solenoid Control
  • Can be used for Heat Pump or Straight Cool operations
  • Built-in Etch Antenna
  • Digital Temperature Sensors

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