4-Axis Stepper Controller Shield

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 4-Axis Stepper Controller Shield

The Anarduino 4-Axis Stepper Controller is a shield module for the Anarduino-Mini product. It is capable of controlling 4 beefy unipolar stepper modules simultaneously, and it provides an extra 16 GPIO's which can be used for management of limit switches, indicator LED's, etc.. for a complete CNC solution. It also has a built-in dual filtered power supply, and a triac output control to allow switching of up to a 6a AC load—great for controlling power to a cutting tool. It also has built-in wireless support for RFM12B and RFM69 class FSK radios, and thus enable wireless machine control.

  • 4-Axis Stepper Motor Control
  • Supports independent motor power
  • Built-In, well filtered power supply
  • Shield for Anarduino-Mini processor
  • Wireless FSK radio interface
  • Wireless Range: up to 300+ meters
  • Built-in etch antenna
  • Built-in Real Time Clock
  • 128Mbit flash memory
  • Support for microSD memory card
  • 16 Additional GPIO's
  • connector pins for extra GPIO's

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