Anarduino Mini Details
Anarduino Mini
The Anarduino Mini is a tiny module, fully Arduino IDE compatible running at 16Mhz. It provides a 6-pin header interconnect for interface with a standard FTDI type USB to UART (or similar) module or cable. It also provides pinouts for all GPIOs—including A6,A7. It supports the HopeRF RFM73 2.4G radio which mounts directly on the bottom side of module.   Pinout  Schematic

  • High Quality Module designed and built in the USA
  • 16Mhz ATmega328P-AU core Micro-Controller
  • Arduino Duemilanove Bootloader pre-loaded
  • Tactile Reset Switch
  • Physical: 33mm x 18mm (1.3" x 0.7")
  • Connections for all GPIOs (including A6 and A7)
  • Pin compatible with most 6-pin FTDI USB & serial breakout boards/cables.
  • Supports RFM73 2.4GHz radio (mounts on bottom)

Shields Available
We have many shield board products for the mini, which can be used to easily and considerably expand the functionality. (Links below, TBD soon)

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Image above shows Anarduino Mini without radio
Image below shows Mini with a 2.4Ghz RFM73 radio installed

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